Who Is Olivia Ocelot?

Olivia Ocelot is a small wild cat.  She is the star of  Anne Crary Jantz's book "Olivia Ocelot Comes to the Rescue: Adventures in the Rainforest". She lives in the Rainforest in Costa Rica with lots of other very interesting animals. She is intelligent, resourceful, and very involved with her community. All the other animals know she is the one to come to if they have a problem, because Olivia Ocelot cares about her friends, and she is a very good detective. Her first step is to find a solution for her friend's problem, and her second step is to help them do what it takes to solve their problem. Olivia Ocelot's goal is to entertain, educate and empower her readers.


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What Can You Do?

"Come walk along with me on this adventure.. "

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What Does She Do?

Olivia Ocelot books, coloring books and other accessories educate, entertain and empower the children who see and read them. Olivia Ocelot makes the rounds when she has a problem to solve. She visits all the fascinating animals in the neighborhood. She always asks everyone's advice about how to solve any dilemma her neighbors are facing. Olivia Ocelot respects everyone else's opinion, but in the end she makes up her own mind.  Then she springs into action and gets all the members of her community involved in the solution.

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What's New In the World of Olivia Ocelot?

My brilliant daughter-in-law, Janna just suggested that I go to the web with my book writing efforts! How great is that? So, I will be launching interactive children's book writing with the second book I am working on right now, the Arizona book right here on this blog.  You can go to my blog and give me your opinions on my books as they materialize. It will be something like being in a dark room and seeing photos loom out in the development tray. I think it will be a lot of fun. Please visit us and please comment! See you there!

These postings will be compiled into a children's book when it is complete. Then the books will be available signed and dedicated to your child on Etsy at my shop, AnneJantzDotCom. It will also be available unsigned on Amazon.com. There are coloring books available right now on Etsy as a downloadable digital  file. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnneJantzDotCom?ref=profile_shopname

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Next Steps...

You can purchase the books directly from Anne on Etsy.com at AnneJantzDotCom. She will autograph them and dedicate them to the child or children in your life. You can also buy them at Amazon.com.