Vlogging Has Come To the Olivia Ocelot World, So I’ve Started a Vlog, “Creating Children’s Books for Fun and Profit” on YouTube

Hello, so glad to have you in Olivia Ocelot’s World. As you may know, I’ve already completed my first Olivia Ocelot book, and it’s available on Amazon. 

My goals for the Olivia Ocelot Books are to Entertain, Educate and Empower the readers. So, here’s the deal, I started working on a sequel after I got Book #1 done, and then , a couple of months ago my awesome daughter-in-love, Janna Jantz suggested to me that I continue writing and illustrating the book in a blog. I think she is brilliant!  I was tooling right along doing this Blog, but then I got Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book, “Crushing It’, and I decided to take his advice and go to the next level and start Vlogging! So I’ve completed the first episode, “Vlogging Introduction to Creating Children’s Books for Fun and Profit”, and it’s up on YouTube on my channel, Anne Jantz Designs. I really hope you like it!

My goal is to help other people get into Writing and Illustrating Kid’s books. As I said before,  I already have Book #1 finished and self-published. It’s called “Olivia Ocelot Comes to the Rescue: Adventures in the Rainforest”, and it’s setting is Costa Rica. It is available on Amazon or on my Etsy store. AnneJantzDotCom. The sequel, “Olivia Ocelot Saves the Day: Adventures in the Arizona Desert” is coming along. Absolutely fantastic fun.

So the plan is you, the viewer of the Vlog will be able to see how I do it, and go from there. I want you to enjoy the process, take what you like and need from my story, and leave the rest.

I’m working on the 2nd episode, “Micah Miner’s Cat”  for the Vlog right now.

  • Image result for ring-tailed catThis little cutey  is a Miner’s Cat, and she is the State Mammal for Arizona. Her Latin name is Bassaricus astutus. She belongs to the Raccoon family. These little darlings are Hell on mice and rats, and they’re also quite tame, so the miners out west in Arizona and California caught them and brought them into their cabins to help keep the vermin out. They would give the Miner’s Cat, also known at the Ringtail Cat a nest to live in inside the cabin. The Miner’s Cat would sleep all day and then come out at night and clear all the unwanted rodents away.
    Micah Miner’s Cat will be meeting with Olivia Ocelot in Book #2 and helping Olivia solve the problem she came to Arizona to help the community with.